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Ensuring a secure infrastructure is serious work

Maintaining a secure environment is a continuous effort, and honestly a thankless job; we'd like to keep it that way. We are dedicated to maintaining security standards that meet or exceed industry standards. This starts with an educated and committed technical team that infuses security and response into everything we deploy. Next is an organizational commitment to an educated faculty; protection starts with knowing what to look out for and how to avoid getting tricked. As educators these learned cyber security skills get woven into lectures and passed on to you, our learners.

Investing in keeping us safe

We know that successful cyber attacks damage more than just data, they cause downtime and disruption to your education. We are continually focused on maintaining a modern, highly secure infrastructure through investment and involvement with partners. Speaking of partners, check them out below!

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Microsoft is more than a security provider. Through partnerships with the Government of Saskatchewan they are able to deliver institutions like ours affordable access to industry standard tools like Server and Office.


Microsoft Authenticator is our go-to multi-factor application. Working in tandem with the single sign-on capabilities of the Azure platform it serves as a secure and easy to use platform that keeps our access safe.

Sentinel and Defender for Endpoint

With A5 tier licensing for all accounts within our organization we can realize security through Microsoft Sentinel, a security information and event management (SIEM) threat detection system. SIEM's provide immediate notification and management of threats being posed to an organization. Leveraging these capabilities and applying them to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint allows protection to immediate threats to be mitigated at every endpoint, rejecting and stopping the spread of an attack faster than you can say "I shouldn't have clicked that".

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The industry leading hardware security token is our preferred multifactor authentication device and made available to all faculty members. Hardware tokens offer the strongest form of protection while also being cost-effective for organizational deployment. They can also survive going through the wash cycle better than a phone.

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Duo Security provides best in-class mutlifactor authentication for all of our infrastructure and beyond. From servers to printers Duo has us protected from malicious actors.

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Generating strong, unique passwords is one thing, remembering them is another. 1Password allows us to securely generate and store all IT-related credentials and extend that security when they need to be shared. Secrets Automation is utilized within our development environments ensuring that critical API and access credentials aren't inadvertently shared via accessible code.

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In partnership with SRNet

Canarie + CANSSOC

Through a provincial partnership with SRNet we are provided access to the CANSSOC threat feed. This feed integrates with next generation firewalls and SIEM's to provide real-time information regarding ongoing threats that allows for these systems to protect themselves by blocking the threat entirely.

Made Possible by Partners

We only play a small part in making these robust network services possible. Learn more about the agency partnerships that help keep us connected and secure.

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