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Executive Team


The Suncrest College Executive Team provides strategic leadership to ensure the college fulfills our mandate, overall operation and performance levels, and Strategic Plan objectives while fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. Suncrest College is comprised of three divisions: Academics & Learner Engagement, Partnerships & Innovation and Finance & Corporate Services.

Executive Members

5907 Alison 1 5907 Alison 1
Alison Dubreuil

CEO & President

5969 Kami 5969 Kami
Kami DePape

VP, Partnerships & Innovation

Sandy Gessner

VP, Finance & Facilities

5922 Teri 5922 Teri
Teri Thompson

VP, Academics & Learner Engagement

6005 Jenn 6005 Jenn
Jennifer Youzwa

Executive Coordinator