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Institution email for every student

Every registered student gains access to a Microsoft Outlook mailbox with a large amount of storage. Having an email account from a registered educational institution gives you more than just a place to send and receive email, it opens up opportunities to access services and discounts made only available to students; which usually require providing an email account for proof.

Print, tap, repeat (unless it's perfect)

Every student is provided with predefined amount of print credit that aligns with their program needs. Printing can either occur from an institution device or from your own. In either case you can release it with a tap of your student card at a designated copier at your location.

Email Notification: 2023

Your @suncreststudents Email

Your institution email account is used for all official communications during your enrolment with Suncrest College. Your email address and credentials are used to access many services so keeping those credentials private is paramount. Your welcome email will contain details regarding what your address and temporary credentials for accessing it.

Your Suncrest College email account provides the following benefits:

  • More than enough space to handle any communications and attachments
  • Quick access to institutional contacts
  • Protected by some of the best security in the industry
Papercut Card Tap: 2023

BYOD Printing

Our goal is to make self-service printing as painless as possible. We achieve this by first allowing you to print from any device you own be it a laptop, cellphone, or anything in between. After an initial onboarding process printing becomes a breeze.

  1. Join a compatible wireless network on your device
  2. Visit the BYOD print item on our portal and install the required software (Mac and iOS devices can skip this)
  3. Add or select the discovered printers from your application of choice and hit print
  4. Walk up to a copier and tap your student card

The first time you tap your card you will be prompted to enter your email address and password to associate your account with your card.