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What is Applied Research?

Simply put, applied research is solving real world problems.

At Suncrest College Applied Research Centre (PARC), we want to help businesses and organisations grow and improve by helping to solve problems with the input of our staff and students. As we assist businesses and organizations, we also give our students valuable work experience, and our instructors get to stay sharp in their area by contributing.

We don’t do research just to do research – it must always have a business or organization problem to solve. With our new emphasis on applied research at Suncrest College, we are looking for local businesses and organisations to partner with us to improve their operations for the benefit of the region.

Why are we Involved in Applied Research?

Suncrest College is the only regional college in Saskatchewan involved in applied research. We join most of the colleges in Canada in working to solve the problems of our local businesses with projects that involve our instructors, staff, and students.

Suncrest College has been involved in Applied Research for the last eight years. We started with one small agricultural project with Dutch Industries, and from there we have built a strong agronomic focused research farm in partnership with East Central Research Foundation (ECRF). Our plan is to expand our research beyond agronomy to other areas of research.



to assist with regional economic development by helping businesses and organizations with research that they cannot do themselves



to give our students real life work experiences by working on projects for local businesses, either as part of a class project or a stand-alone project



to help our instructors stay up to date with their industry and actively contribute to that industry

Successfully Completed Projects

We have also successfully completed projects in education and sports administration in the last five years. We would like to expand our research into areas such as ag tech, food processing, and social science research.

How we do

Applied Research

First, we will meet with you to talk about how or if we can help, then we identify the best approach to the problem. We can create course-based projects or standalone projects to get students and instructors involved in solving the problem.

Class-based projects are conducted by students as part of their program of study and can take as little as two weeks and up to six weeks. These projects require the business or organization to explain the project to the class and then participate in a presentation at the end of the project.

Class-based projects have time and subject area constraints, as everything has to be done to fit the timeline of the particular class. The business or organization will need to contribute time to meet with the class and a nominal administration fee to ensure that all of the required paperwork is completed. The business or organization may need to pay for parts if the project involved working on equipment.

Examples of this type of project include:

  • a social marketing plan for a new business expansion
  • a human resources plan to develop employees
  • finding a way to stop repeated breakdowns of a piece of equipment
  • replacing a fixed seat with a swivel seat to improve operator mobility on a plot combine

Standalone projects can be as short as a few weeks to a year or more. These projects involve hiring students and engaging staff to work on the problem either full-time (through the summer break) or part-time.

Because of the increased cost for these projects, the business or organization will need to make in-kind and/or cash contributions to the project. We will also look for external funding.

Examples of this type of project include:

  • testing a new prototype against the standard equipment
  • changing the timing/location of fertilization of a crop for greater yield
  • developing new, cost effective packaging for an existing product
  • looking at the effectiveness of a recent business innovation

Protecting Your

Ideas and Intellectual Property

Suncrest College strives to ensure that any ideas and their results benefit the partner organization in helping them succeed.

When a project is finished, the results usually belong to the business or organization. We will discuss this with you before we begin the project to make sure that we are all in agreement. We are more interested in seeing your organization or business succeed than keeping any part of it for the college. We simply ask that we will be able to use your project as a teaching example in the future. However, we may agree to other arrangements.

We will work with you to keep your ideas for your business. We will be happy to sign non-disclosure agreements if this is required. Our work on your project will be kept confidential until you are ready to tell the world – and we will be able to help you with that, too!

Funding Opportunities

Suncrest College is able to access funding through a number of different sources. Much of the funding is from the federal government, while other sources include the provincial government, funding agencies, and the businesses that we assist. All research funded federally must be linked to a business or organization.

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