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Community Outreach

Breaking down barriers

The Community Outreach Program delivers activities and support services that supports students in the Adult Basic Education program with their transition to school and with developing strategies to overcome barriers that challenge engagement, retention and success. Outreach Workers are focused on developing relationships with students and their home communities to create bridges to school and to developing support networks that promote a positive learning experience.

Outreach Workers will help students address a variety of barriers to school completion

Promoting academic success

Outreach Workers are available, in person or virtually, to support students on-campus as well as in their home communities. Their role is to assess students’ needs and help secure appropriate referrals within their home or school community in a timely manner. As part of the Learner Services Team, Outreach Workers support the intake and registration process for admission to Adult Basic Education. Outreach workers are instrumental in supporting students with the development of academic and career plans that will act as a guide throughout the program year. They also faciliate information sessions and workshops that help applicants with the transition to school.


Academic concerns


Accessibility Challenges

due to learning, physical or emotional disabilities



to regular attendance


Child Care



or employment concerns







To find out more about ABE application processes, how to apply for Provincial Training Allowance and what to expect if you are accepted into ABE, contact the Outreach Worker nearest you.

Community Outreach Workers

Our community outreach workers are here to help. Please contact your closest advisor to get started.

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Tara Nelson (Melfort and Tisdale Campuses)

Outreach Service to Cumberland College ABE students and the Communities of James Smith Cree Nation and Kinistin Saulteaux Nation

Julie Cassidy (Nipawin Campus)

Outreach Services to Cumberland College ABE students and the communities of Red Earth Cree Nation and Shoal Lake Cree Nation