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All your coursework in one place

You already have too many things to keep track of, we make sure that course resources isn't one of them. Everything related to your program can be found within our Brightspace learning platform; and we mean everything: curriculum, assignments, quizzes and exams, discussions, live and recorded sessions, group collaboration, and one-on-one sessions with your instructor (there's more but you get the point).

Always on

Everyone's schedules are different. 24/7 access to course resources is key in ensuring that you have what you need, when you need it. Whether you are preparing for that exam well in advance or cramming at the last minute the always available Brightspace environment has you covered.

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The Learning Management System

The Brightspace by D2L learning management system is one of the top solutions on the planet, and it shows. Presenting and managing course content is at its core but where it really shines is the integration with other tools and services that allow us to bring our courses to life.

Experience common tasks

Accessing Content

Submitting an Assignment

Accessing Grades

Joining a Live Session

Brightspace in Higher Education
Why not Google Classroom?

Power through Integrations

Going the extra mile usually pays off. When it comes to enhancing courses we are always looking for those features that both enhance the course experience and extend capabilities of the platform. The result is an experience that is both capable and accommodating to students and faculty alike.


TurnItIn is a leader in anti-plagiarism. It helps us ensure that work being submitted is original and helps us maintain academic integrity within our programs.


Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor allow us to deliver exams remotely while maintaining academic integrity. Ensuring that all test takers are provided with equal opportunities while being assessed is critical in today's academic environment.


The H5P platform provides with a set of tools that help us make our courses more interactive. Learning is always more fun when it feels like a game.


The Performance+ platform is a data analytic dashboard that helps us see trends and forecasts in every learners journey. Communication and reporting capabilities also allow us to work with and keep sponsors informed of their student progress.


Used by our Brokers

We aren't the only ones using Brightspace, many of our partners choose to use it as well. This means that we are able to deliver content in the way the broker intended and react to changes to this content much faster.

Our Brightspace brokers

Conestoga College
Lakeland College
Sask Polytech