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Ensuring you have the right tool for the job

Focusing on academic success means that things like software shouldn't be a worry or a hurdle. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible software to help you focus on creating your best work. Whether you access a device provided by our institution or you decide to bring your own, your experience and access to tools remains consistent.

Integrated with our network services

Providing just the software isn't enough. There are things like device compatibility and complicated installation procedures and requirements that can come into play. In cases where software can create these situations we undertake the heavy lifting and provide the experience packaged, tested, and most importantly accessible from anywhere. Learn more about our VDI infrastructure.


Cloud Services

More and more often software is available as a service instead of an actual installation (sometimes it's both). Here are services that we provide to all students.

Service Hub

Adobe Express is a tool that can add flair to your work and make the creation process of complicated projects much easier. Want to make a presentation? A poster? A website? You can do it in Adobe Express. The great thing is that you don't have to start with a blank canvas, there are many templates available to get you started.

Check it out at: https://express.adobe.com/ and sign in with your school email account.

Brightspace is our LMS of choice. All courses have a presence on Brightspace allowing access to resources at any time, from anywhere. Submit an assignment, take a quiz, view your grades, or cram for that next exam all from the comfort of your device.

Access Brightspace using your institution credentials.

Google Workspace is an alternative product to the Microsoft Office suite. Google Workspace's services are cloud-first and offer many tools to get the job done.

Your Google Drive also integrates with our Brightspace LMS for easy submission of work created within your Google account.

Note: Google accounts exist only for our Adult Basic Education students at this time

Office 365 has become the higher education tool of choice for productivity. Offering everything from email to word processing to presentations. The great thing is that all of these tools are available in the browser without the need to install anything. Of course, your subscription also allows for the installation of the desktop and mobile versions for a lot of these tools if you wish.

As with many of our services we strive to integrate where possible. Your Microsoft OneDrive integrates with our Brightspace platform allowing for seamless submissions for homework to our learning management system.

You can access all your Microsoft services by visiting office.com and logging in with your institution credentials.

TurnItIn Draft Coach is a plugin that integrates with your Microsoft Word and Google Docs workflows. This tool not only helps with grammar but also check for possible plagarism along the way ensuring that your assignment doesn't get flagged.

The great thing is that it has already been integrated into your institution word processor so you just have to start typing.

Learn more about Draft Coach


Applications and Plugins

Some of our services required the installation of a plugin in order to work, some cloud services also offer an installation that offer more features and functionality.

Service Hub

The Office 365 suite of tools can be installed on various platforms and offer additional functionality when required. The software installation is licensed via your institution login and is available to you for the duration of your enrolment.

You can access the installation by visiting office.com and logging in with your institution credentials. From there, head to the "Install Apps" drop-down. On a mobile device, visit the appropriate app store and search for the Microsoft application of choice. When prompted, log in using your institution credentials to unlock all the features.

The Google Read&Write plugin for Google Chrome helps boost reading and writing confidence. This plugin interacts both with anything you view on the web and within applications like Google Docs.

You can install the plugin here: https://chrome.google.com/webs.... Logging in with your institution credentials will unlock full functionality.

Although you can access our pre-installed software in a browser-based Windows environment the VMWare Horizon client allows for extended functionality. Such functions as loading and saving files from a USB stick are a must in some situations and required the installation of the client.

You can download the latest version of the client for your operating system here.

OnTheHub is a partner with educational institutions that allows us to offer software at deep discounts to both staff and students. Some of the more notable offerings include:

You can view all the offerings on the OnTheHub store

Horizon VDI Access: 2022

Available VDI Software

Our virtual instance provides a remotely accessible, pre-built Windows instance with all the specialized software required in some programs:

Adobe Reader

Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2021

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Visio

Power Engineering Boiler Simulator

Sage50 Premium 2021