Customised Training for the Corporate World

Employer Training

Training and Upskilling for Employees

Upskill your current employees or prepare them for the workplace with available and tailored training options.

Funding Programs

Find out about incentives and funding opportunities that help with the cost of training and hiring new employees
Job Shadow

Job Shadows

Job Shadows allow students interested in a specific field to observe or “shadow” a mentor at work. Shadows are typically one day or less and tend to involve professional careers where hands on experience would not be possible.

Work Experience

Work Experience Placements

Work Experience Placements enable students to develop workplace essential skills by working in an actual workplace. The number of hours and duration of each placement is unique and is based on the student’s availability. Students are not paid for their work. Suncrest College carries a blanket liability policy that covers our students while on work placements. Students also sign a Worker’s Compensation waiver through Suncrest College that indicates that the Ministry of Advance Education assumes this responsibility.

Canada-Sask Job Grant

The Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant (CSJG) provides financial assistance to Saskatchewan employers to help workers get the training they need for available jobs. If you are a business owner with employees that need training, this program could be your gold ticket!

Employers may make multiple grant applications - to a maximum of $100,000 yearly. Each CSJG is a maximum of $15,000 per trainee per year (with the government contributing up to $10,000 and the employer up to $5000) towards eligible training costs. Small businesses, with 50 employees and under, may be eligible to claim trainee wages for up to one half of their total contribution. Training can be delivered in any setting – in a traditional classroom, at the workplace or even online – as long as it is delivered by a third party training agency not affiliated with the employer. Training agencies include post- secondary institutions – like Cumberland College, unions or private training agencies.

Program is Employer Driven

Decides what training is required, selects the candidates and chooses the third party trainer

Has a job available in Saskatchewan for the trainee at the end of the training

Contributes a minimum of 1/3 of the eligible training costs

More Information

Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant Application

Linda Bird, Employer Engagement Coordinator