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Live Delivery

Live, remote course delivery

Cumberpark provides students with immersive delivery options. Virtually every classroom on campus is outfitted with high quality audio and video capture along with many content sharing options. It is this attention to presentation capture along with our dedicated Teaching & Learning team that results in a tremendous learning experience whether you are in the classroom or the other side of the province.

Multiple modes of delivery is baked in

We take an all encompassing approach when considering the modes in which we want to deliver courses. We live in an era of flexibility and we believe that incorporating blended forms of learning into the entire teaching pipeline. The result is a thought out, learning rich experience no matter how you are accessing a course.

Equipped Classrooms

Cumberpark classrooms focus on capturing instruction and ensuring our remote participants aren't missing a thing.

Distance Delivery Classroom Illustration

Ensuring that your instructor is always in frame, motion tracking tracks and crops so you can always see what the instructor is demonstrating.

Having the ability to see and interact with your on-site classmates is important in building those relationships you would otherwise miss at a distance.

A dedicated microphone is assigned to the instructor ensuring that their voice can always be heard. Microphones are also assigned to the class participants so that any question asked or discussion can also be heard by the remote participants. Partial audio pickup is always frustrating for remote participants and we ensure that this is avoided.

A display dedicated to the instructor ensures that they can always see remote participants. This helps ensure that topics being discussed are understood by remote participants.

A display at the front of the classroom helps the in-class participants see remote participants, allowing for that two-way interaction.

Every classroom contains some means of digital ink or touch interaction. Digital ink is much more legible and easier to see than a camera trying to capture a whiteboard. Digital ink can also be saved as notes for later study.

Not all resources are digital, sometimes you need to show material from the real world. All classrooms are equipped with document cameras for capturing and sending these items in full resolution.

Video and audio have become a staple of teaching in the modern classroom. Full frame rate and direct audio send ensure that remote participants are seeing and hearing these resources just as well as those participants in the room.

Brightspace linked with Teams and Webex: 2023

All modes in one place

Having multiple modes of delivery has its challenges mainly when it comes to accessing them. To make this easier we centralize access to everything course related within our learning management system. Everything from course content, assignments, and quizzes to live classes and recordings are available in one place.

Recording transcription comes standard so you can easily find that discussion topic. Additionally, some of our classes leverage advanced functionality like booking live video sessions with your instructor and additional collaboration via chat. All in one place and always available.