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Welcome to University at Suncrest College!

Enrolling in university programming at Parkland College is a great way to transition from high school to post-secondary, whether you’re taking a your first year, a single class, or completing a full degree. We’re glad you’ve chosen to further your education close to home.

Please Note

You are able to register in any classes for which you have the prerequisites at either university, but please consider registering in Suncrest College designated classes. These classes tend to be much smaller in size and may have additional tutorials or seminars. The designated Suncrest College classes are the only classes for which Suncrest College receives revenue to maintain the classes here and provide additional supports such as advisors and tutorials.


Where to start

With online classes

Online classes are convenient but also pose their own challenges. Here are some tips.

If you require a common visiting student form please find the applicable one under the designated university.

Start with the syllabus or course outline. This will give you all the information that you need for the class, the instructor’s contact information, the textbook, the weekly topics, the assignments, their due dates and their weighting, and how your work will be assessed.

Check out what you have to do in the first week, plan when you will do it – then do it!

Put all the assignment due dates in your calendar with reminders two weeks ahead and one week ahead.

Don’t leave them to the last minute.

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Book an advising appointment

It’s a lot more than just choosing classes. We can help with organization, anxiety, knowing where to start, time management, and much more.

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