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About Us

Leadership Team


The Suncrest College Leadership Team helps shape the college’s strategic direction while driving operational and performance results on college wide and department initiatives.

Leadership Members

5930 Lisa 5930 Lisa
Lisa Dietrich

Manager, Payroll & Systems

5973 Jeff 5973 Jeff
Jeff Fisher

Chair, Foundational Skills & English Language Training

6823 Mandi 6823 Mandi
Mandi Kobylko

Director, Human Resources

5980 Dale 5980 Dale
Dale MacKay

Manager, Facilities

6018 Jenna 6018 Jenna
Jenna Niebergall

Manager, Public Relations & Marketing

5937 Nathan 5937 Nathan
Nathan Penner

Manager, Technology & Security

5949 Malena 5949 Malena
Malena Vroom

Chair, Post-Secondary Education