Student Supports

Health & Dental Plan

Insurance for Students

Suncrest College is pleased to offer a health and dental benefit program, in partnership with Gallivan & Associates, for full-time post-secondary students. Students pay $252 per year as part of their tuition for this extended coverage. Once paid, coverage is for a full year from the first day of the month in which your program starts.

If you have comparable coverage through another provider, you can opt out of the health and dental plan within 30 days of your program start date. If you would like to add a spouse or dependent you also have 30 days from your program start date to do so. Please contact your Counsellor/Advisor for assistance.

There are no exceptions or extensions for the 30 day opt out policy

Your policy number and registration to Canada Life can be found here. Select the tab ‘policy information’ and the link to Canada Life to Register.

If you would like to print off your own benefits card to present to service providers, please use this link.

What are my benefits?

This is a general list of coverage, futher information is available at the My Student Plan website.

myWellness Plan

FREE to all College students. This mental health and wellness program provides access to support resources, an anonymous mental health assessment, online group or individual counselling, a crisis line and a toolbox to help students with life challenges while in school.


Ambulance Services


Perscription Drugs


Vision and Dental Care


Physical Therapy

Such as massage, chiropractic, and physiotherapy


Medical Supplies

Such as wheelchairs, crutches, braces etc.


Travel Insurance


Dental Accidents


Hospital Expenses


Personal Injury and Death