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When life offers opportunities seize them. You will only get out of life what you put into it.

Travis Loblaw

Business Certificate




Tisdale (Main Campus)


Tisdale, SK


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Travis graduated in May 2015 from the SK Polytechnic Business Program offered by Cumberland College in Tisdale. A former MUCC high school graduate, Travis chose Cumberland College because of a government initiative sponsoring individuals seeking training for reentry to the workforce. Travis said this decision was a risk, but one that has paid back a thousand fold. Travis began his career as the Branch Manager at Scotiabank in Rosetown, SK. In 2018, Travis returned to the Northeast and is working as the Scotiabank Branch Manager in Tisdale. Travis continues to seize each opportunity as he continues on a path of life-long learning taking courses in mutual funds, compliance and a financial planning diploma. In the future, he intends to take a bachelor of commerce and then his MBA.

Life has not always been easy though. Travis describes his childhood as abusive and terrible causing him to spend his teens and twenties making poor, self-destructive decisions using his childhood as an excuse for his place in life. Then came a point when he stopped fighting his past and embraced it understanding that those experiences have made him who he is today. In his thirties, Travis, who is also a father to a beautiful daughter, returned to school to make a better life for his family. He says that Cumberland College gave him every opportunity to succeed. He attributes a staff who truly cared about his success, small class sizes, constant character building via personality workshops and support of the student advisors for his success at Cumberland. It was an opportunity to understand the dynamic of working in a professional setting. Travis also earned a scholarship while at Cumberland and said that support warrants kudos to the community sponsors as well. Not everything about school is hard work, you might want to ask Travis about the time his instructor microwaved his math assignment…

As with any great role model, Travis would like to share a few words of encouragement for future students. “If you remain positive, work hard and believe in yourself anything is possible. We all have something unique, so work to your strengths. Take a genuine interest in everyone and every aspect of your field of work.”

Congratulations on your many successes Travis. We wish you well as you continue to work toward your Bachelor of Commerce degree.