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Home Stories Stephanie Wiebe


Employment Readiness

I have never before seen instructors who care so much about their students succeeding in school and in life.

Stephanie Wiebe

Adult Basic Education



Tisdale (Main Campus)


Bolivia, South America


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Stephanie Weibe was born and raised in Bolivia, South America. Prior to coming to Carrot River, Saskatchewan, she had next to no experience in a Canadian classroom. When Stephanie decided to attain her grade 12 standing through the Adult Basic Education program in Tisdale, she was determined to succeed and to not fall behind in her studies. This determination paid off when she graduated with a grade 12 standing in May 2018.

Stephanie said she chose to attend Cumberland College because the programming was free and she met with knowledgeable staff who supported her in making decisions to further her education. Stephanie said, “I had a great experience at Cumberland College. The staff were amazing, extremely supportive and helpful. The Tisdale campus instructors went above and beyond every single day to ensure that every single student had a wonderful experience at school and the best opportunity to learn. I was challenged and pushed to do my best by my instructors, who believed in me, every step of the way.” When asked what was her favourite memory as a student at Cumberland, Stephanie said it was the many class discussions, and the experiences working with classmates and solving problems as a team.

Stephanie modeled persistence and drive throughout her time at Cumberland College. Even though her daily commute from Carrot River to Tisdale was two hours per day, she still maintained perfect attendance. Winter weather, bad roads and high gas prices made the travel very challenging. Stephanie’s dedication to her education was rewarded in her receiving many attendance certificates for 100 % attendance. Being a full-time student and using a lot of money for a gas, put significant financial pressure on Stephanie so she worked as a Continuing Care Assistant at Carrot River Health Centre and as a Bookkeeper for Weibe Construction whenever possible to supplement her income. At graduation Stephanie was the recipient of the Adult Basic Education Award. The award is given to a student who exemplifies a life-long learner, a leader within the classroom and someone who is dedicated to being the best student they can be.

Stephanie is moving to Warman in the fall of 2018 to take Arts and Science classes with the University of Saskatchewan. Her goal is to become a registered nurse. Stephanie’s advice to future students is, “Get yourself to school. The longer you stay away from school, the harder it is to come back. Challenge yourself, and you will surprise yourself. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get yourself to class, and put your phone aside and pay attention. Effort creates ability.”

Congratulations Stephanie on achieving the first phase of your educational journey. We wish you every success as you work toward your Bachelor of Nursing.