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Employment Readiness

No matter how hard things may get, seek help and you shall receive. Don't give up because there is a rainbow after every rainstorm.

Danica Severight



5. Adult 12




Kinistin Saulteaux Nations


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As a single parent, Danica Severight always knew it was important to complete her high school education and eventually further her training. In 2014, after giving birth to her daughter, Danica tried returning to high school but found parenting a small baby and trying to keep up with school work too difficult. As a result, she left school to remain at home with her baby. At that time, her principal suggested she consider Cumberland College’s Adult Basic Education as an option for her to complete her education. Although she did not know anything about the program, Danica applied to the program and was accepted. She was not successful in her first attempt in the ABE program as her baby was still very young, but in 2017 when her child was older, she returned to the program. This time, she was successful and completed her Grade 10 before transitioning into the Adult 12 program. Danica is very proud to say that in 2018 she completed her Grade 12 and was able to be “on the stage” with her fellow graduates. Since leaving the region, Danica has recently completed a Continuing Care Assistant program and is currently looking for employment in her chosen health care field.

Danica, who is from Kinistin Saulteaux Nations, said she chose Cumberland College because she knew she would have the opportunity to learn so much and because of the supports available at the College. She credits her teachers, mentors, and advisor for helping her deal with the ups and downs during the 2 years she was in the program. According to Danica, they “pushed me through the hard times and helped me get through whatever it was I needed to battle.” Whether it was trouble with child care or personal issues she had to deal with, Danica feels she couldn’t have done it without the support of the staff. The daily affirmations in the ABE program were also a big help in the program and continue to help her as she uses them today.

Danica describes her time at the College as a “wonderful experience.” The bonds she made with staff and other students made it feel like a second home to her. By making new friends, she spent her days with people who “got along” and enjoyed spending time with each other. Danica remembers the fun she had at the College and the smiles that abounded but her favorite memories have to be the celebrations everyone took part in. Whether it was recognizing birthdays or personal and class accomplishments, the celebrations were part of the Cumberland College experience that Danica describes as “the best.”

Congratulations Danica on achieving your educational goals. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours as you pursue your dream!