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Cumberland College was just the first step in my journey to becoming the new and improved version of myself.

Brent Digness

Adult Basic Education





Melfort, SK


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As a child, I was not a big fan of school. Needless to say, once I was done, I was d-o-n-e and set out to begin my life as a self-made man. Over the years, I enjoyed some great success in terms of career but I also had some not so great times. You could say I was educated at the school of hard knocks but there came a time when I realized I needed to make some positive changes in my life. I was at a crossroads and in order to reach my goal, I knew I would have to go back to school.

I moved back close to my home town and registered for upgrading at Cumberland College. School was never a favourite activity of mine so I couldn’t believe I was actually choosing to go back into that environment as an adult. It took every ounce of courage I could muster to walk into that classroom but it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life! I was accepted for who I was in a completely non-judgmental atmosphere. The staff were exceptional –they saw the potential in each and every student and worked with them to bring that to the surface proving that everyone can succeed. I experienced success and my self-confidence soared. For the first time ever, I found learning fun – which was something I had never expected!

When I began my classes at Cumberland College, I had had no experience with computers and the thought of even just turning on a computer terrified me! Well, my fears were quickly overcome and before long, my comfort level improved and my skills started to develop. I learned to work with many computer applications, including PowerPoint – which I now use with ease to create presentations to promote new products for my business! Math was another subject that made me shudder. I was worried sick that I would never “get” math but thanks to my very patient Instructor, I was able to grasp math concepts that were previously just mysteries to me. I am now able to sit beside my step son and help him with this math homework!

Cumberland College was just the first step in my journey to becoming the new and improved version of myself. I learned firsthand that I could succeed and after that, I knew there was nothing that I couldn’t overcome. Getting up and attending school every day and dealing with homework, assignments and due dates was a big adjustment to my adult life but these tasks allowed me to develop many transferable skills such as time management, prioritizing, organizing, multi-tasking, managing stress, etc. Since completing my studies at Cumberland College, my life has continued to move forward in positive steps. I am currently the owner/operator of a mobile welding business and am living life to the fullest! My closing words of advice …”It’s free to dream so dream big” and “Reach for the stars—even if you only make it half way, you will still succeed”