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Education is important. It is never too late to go to school. Keep going until you reach your dreams.

Angelique Nawakayas

Youth Care Worker


Social Work




Red Earth Cree Nation


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Angelique, who is from Red Earth Cree Nation and a mother of 5, values education for everyone regardless of their age or background. As a long-term protection worker for Nechapanuk Centre Child and Family Services at Red Earth, she knows it is never too late to go to school. By completing her final practicum soon, she will have finished the Youth Care Worker program. However, she is not stopping there, as she plans on furthering her education by continuing into the Social Work degree program. Although her children often saw her exhausted from working, studying, and raising a family (especially during the busy hockey season), they also saw her go to work everyday and continue to strive towards her dream. Angelique feels that having her children watch her achieve her dreams emphasizes to them the importance of school and getting an education.

Angelique chose the Youth Care Worker program as it is very relevant to her role with the Nechapanuk Centre and it is close to home. The part-time program started in 2013 with students attending face-to-face 2 times per week at the Nipawin campus. After a break in programming, Angelique returned to the program in 2019 and she is very proud of the fact that both she and her husband will be part of the graduation ceremonies this year. Angelique says her time at the College “felt like home” and that her fellow students and instructor became like family. The coordinator of the program always kept the students organized and up-to-date, and Angelique also appreciated the opportunity to use computers and technology at the College.

The early morning drives to Nipawin for face-to-face classes especially during winter, and a hectic schedule with 5 children playing on 5 different hockey teams and a husband coaching, meant that Angelique and her husband were busy 7 days of the week. There were many days when the only time Angelique had time to study was after the kids were in bed or when on the road with someone else driving. She is very grateful for the support of her husband, her parents, her in-laws, and her sister and brother-in-law who helped her complete her program while keeping her family on the go. She also thanks the Nechapanuk Centre for the opportunity to take the program and all of the support the Centre provided for her while she was in the program. In the end, she says it was all worth it!

Congratulations, Angelique! What a wonderful role model for your children. And thank you for choosing Cumberland College for your education and good luck in the future!