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Choosing Cumberland College for my education was an easy choice.

Alannah Webster

Bachelor of Nursing




Tisdale (Main Campus)


Tisdale, SK


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Alannah convocated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan in 2016.

Alannah is a 2010 graduate of Tisdale Middle and Secondary School. She said the decision to start her post-secondary education at Cumberland College was an obvious choice. The college was located close to my family home and was easily accessible without having to make a move. Being able to live at home and save money helped me focus on my studies. Cumberland College had all the classes and labs that I needed, they were the exact same classes I would have taken at the main campus. Cumberland College offered a schedule that allowed me to clump my classes into three days so I had two days off a week to work or study. First year of university is always difficult. I am happy that I was able to stay home during my first year of studies so I was able to focus more efficiently.

Alannah said, “My experience at Cumberland College could not have been more positive. I had an excellent year of study. I did well in all my classes and labs which gave me a strong foundation for when I did move to the main campus to start my higher level classes. The College provided me with the support services that I needed and set up writing workshops that helped me achieve higher grades on my essays. The communication between students and the staff was exceptional and the technology was always working smoothly. I received two scholarships while I attended Cumberland, an entrance scholarship and a bursary. The financial aid helped me focus on my studied and was greatly appreciated. Cumberland put together several writing workshops for the students which I attended most of and they were a significant helped which positively impacted my writing skills. All of my professors at Cumberland were supportive and caring towards their students. Out of all six years of post-secondary school my professors at Cumberland remain in the top for their ability to teach a class and provide support.”

Her favorite memory at Cumberland College was when the staff put together a Christmas party for the students. They found it in the budget to arrange for entertainment, dinner, and snacks. It was a great way to socialize and make friends with the other students. Putting together a Christmas party showed us that Cumberland cared about their students.

Alannah is currently working as an ER Nurse at all three hospitals in Saskatoon. Thank you for beginning your educational journey with Cumberland College. We wish you continued success!