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New Employee Subsidy Opportunity

New Employee Subsidy Opportunity

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New Employee Subsidy Opportunity


Suncrest College has a long history of collaborating with a variety of community service organisations on projects designed to enhance our local labour market. Currently, Suncrest College is partnering with several organisations to deliver a work placement project that will provide an opportunity to reduce our regional unemployment rate, and meet the needs of employers in the region, many of whom have identified a demand for more employees.

Recent conversations with community partners revealed that most clients seeking employment in our local area are anxious to “jump right in”. There is a high preference for hands-on, learn-by-doing opportunities rather than structured classroom instruction on how to prepare for employment. These potential clients are eager to work and have expressed that all they really want is a chance to prove themselves. We believe that a direct placement into a paid work experience, with supports customized to every individual, is the ideal solution.

Virtual Work Placement

Work Placement

Benefits and Expections

Suncrest College and its partnering agencies would like to work with local businesses to find participants full-time permanent employment, to reduce unemployment rates, and to stimulate the local economy, by offering wage subsidies for each work placement participant that a business undertakes.

In addition to wage subsidies, the project helps match employers with trainable employees that are willing to demonstrate their work ethics, and this, in turn, reduces hiring risks, and limits uncertainties’ when training new employees.

Wage Subsidy

The work placement project will be held over a 4-month period, with the end goal of having the employer retain the participant as a full-time year-round employee. Wage subsidies for each work placement participant will be set at the Saskatchewan minimum wage amount of $11.81/hour (not including MERCS and benefits), 40 hours/week, for 16 weeks (4 months).


Month 1

100% wage subsidy


Month 2

80% wage subsidy


Month 3-4

60% wage subsidy

What to Expect

The work experience coordinator from Suncrest College will connect with local businesses, industry, and trade associations to identify and inventory current employment positions and create a bank of work placement opportunities.

The coordinator will then meet with participants on an individual basis to begin the application process, and to seek solutions to resolve issues and overcome barriers identified by the applicant, by making referrals to appropriate supports such as employment readiness workshops or by facilitating the need to obtain a specific certification.

Work placement participants will then be matched with employers to begin the employment process. Regular communication with both employers and employees will be maintained throughout the placement, in order to promptly address any issues or concerns that the employer or employee may encounter.

The project coordinator will monitor the employee’s performance closely throughout the placement and will keep accurate records to coordinate the collection of documents necessary for the reimbursement of the wage subsidy for the employer. Employers will be responsible for submitting pay stubs and proof of payment to the coordinator on a bi-weekly basis in order to receive reimbursement of wages.


Participant Eligibility

The College Work Placement Coordinator will arrange to meet with the prospective participants to confirm eligibility, based on the following criteria:

  • Client is eligible to work in Canada
  • Client is unemployed or under-employed (working 20 hours per week or less)
  • Client is a job seeker
  • Priority given to clients from under-represented backgrounds


Employer Registration

Alannah Cotterill, Economic Recovery Project Coordinator

Participant Information

Alannah Cotterill, Economic Recovery Project Coordinator