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About Us

Home About Us Mission & Values

About Us

Guided by our Vision and rooted in our Values

Shaping the future


Cumberland College, in collaboration with partners, is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities today, that prepare individuals and communities for tomorrow.


Dream, Believe, Achieve, and Inspire

Value Statements

The following values support Cumberland College’s work with students and communities. These values inform everything the college does.

Cumberland College believes accessibility is its core, fundamental value. For Cumberland College, accessibility means a number of things. It means having campuses in four communities throughout our region. It also means “reaching out” to other communities – and particularly First Nations and Métis communities – to offer programming on-site in a culturally-relevant manner (which ensures the accessibility of curriculum). Accessibility also means meeting students exactly where they are (in terms of their preparedness for post-secondary studies) – assessing their strengths, building upon these strengths, and moving students along toward their desired goals. In terms of accessibility, Cumberland College will strive to eliminate barriers to learners and to ensure all of our programs and services are as accessible as possible.

Cumberland College strives to be learner-centered, putting learners’ needs first and foremost in everything we do. We are a learning organization wherein learning and the needs of the learner direct all College activities. All students, staff, and Board members are learners. We believe learning creates positive change and personal growth.

Cumberland College believes the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement is essential. Innovation is being open to and engaging in new ideas and ways of practice. Innovation is realized in the classroom through to the Boardroom resulting in learner success. Continuous improvement is realized through an ongoing engagement with Lean processes around excellence, efficiency, and quality.

Cumberland College is a collaborative organization and continually seeks to work in partnership and collaboration with other community groups and agencies, societies, and government departments to address the training and research needs in Northeast Saskatchewan. The College believes collaboration is a process of mutually respectful, shared decision-making.

Cumberland College practices ethical stewardship in the management of resources (human, physical, and financial) in a transparent, accountable manner in accordance with regulatory practices and the College’s Code of Ethics.

Cumberland College believes high quality teaching is central to the teaching and learning process and prides itself on providing high quality teaching to its learners. To facilitate high quality teaching, Cumberland College will support instructors in a variety of ways and encourage instructors to engage in professional development related to their instructional assignments.

Healthy and engaged employees are critical to undertaking the core activities of Cumberland College. As such, Cumberland College believes in providing a healthy work environment which fosters creativity, happiness, and a general sense of satisfaction. Cumberland College also believes in promoting a strong sense of work-life balance.

Cumberland College is a learning organization. As a learning organization Cumberland College is a place where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where employees are continually learning to see the whole together.

Cumberland College prides itself on having an entrepreneurial spirit. The College demonstrates five indicators to show its entrepreneurial spirit is alive and thriving:

  1. the College is in-tune with its passion;
  2. the College continually questions how things can be done better;
  3. the College is optimistic about future possibilities;
  4. the College takes calculated risks; and above all else,
  5. the College executes its ideas.